un viaje a la nada

Winter seeds

Winter seeds

You are frozen lips
beside the white snow

cold past, dropping down
muttering sad words

like an unleash dream
at the silence’s dome

but… never, is not ever
but… nothing is not, all

and beyond those eyes
field of tears, lights on

like the sun of March
wakening gods up…

bright wings ride the sky
arising in dew

your wishes
your steps
your time

glimmering in red
while the garden grows

‘cause… never is not ever
‘cause… nothing is not, all

new bottoms of life

from that heart, you’ve torn…

red honey

This is my humble present for you, Marta, and all those rebel flowers, spreading seeds every day all over our winter lands.
Thanks and best wishes for the new year…!

La foto es del jardín de Marta.


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Marta Zabaleta -

Muchas gracias nuevamente.Marta.

Marta Raquel Zabaleta -